Whether Lucky Paws is a part of your community or you are a part of ours, we believe that every community benefits from compassion! In case you are wondering about how we help others or how you can provide help to us, read on to learn more!


  • Eco-Friendly – And Kermit said that it “wasn’t easy being green”…we beg to differ! Lucky Paws has worked hard at becoming eco-friendly from using grey water outdoors to using vinegar and other non-harsh chemicals for cleaning. Click here to read more about what we have done to help the environment and what you can do to help us become greener!


  • School Programs – There is no better reward than teaching others and mentoring future generations. Lucky Paws provides animal meet & greets, animal compassion teachings and other programs right at your own school! If you are interested in learning more, click here!


  • Volunteering – Running an animal rescue and sanctuary is a lot of work and we wouldn’t be able to do it all ourselves! Volunteers play a HUGE role in our success! If you are at least 18 years of age and looking to be a part of our volunteering team, click here to find out more!