Lucky Paws is a cage and kennel free facility and provides its rescued animals the best comforts possible to help them cope from being in bad situations and/or in cages at local kill facilities. To help with this, Lucky Paws provides home-like comforts, without the use of foster homes, but within its own walls!

Lucky Paws offers unique settings for all of the animals…we provide natural lighting whenever possible, Himalayan Salt Lamps, electrostatic air purifiers, aromatherapy oils, candles for great energy and more! Even the turtles have their own ecosystem which they have helped build!

The rescues at Lucky Paws are socialized with all walks of life. The dogs have a large covered yard complete with trees and toys to play in with other dogs and with humans, the cats get to hang out and watch TV on a couch or watch the birds outside while laying on one of the many cat condos, the rabbits enjoy jumping from their personal kiddie slide to their large boxes of hay and the ferrets love their playtime by running around and having fun with all the cats and rabbits! Even the goats like to hang out and play with everybody!

Lucky Paws houses many different types of animals; many of which are special needs or elderly. Some of these animals will live their lives here with us as they may not be the best candidates for adoption, which is okay as they have a safe and loving home here with us!

And while we have many animals that require lots of extra care, we do also have animals here that would make a GREAT addition to your family! That’s right – we have some awesome furry friends that would love to be adopted and spend their lives with you!

To find out more about our full-time residents or if you are looking to adopt, see below to find out more!


  • Sanctuary Animals – Our full-time forever residents come from all walks of life. We are not geared toward a certain breed or type of animal like many rescues. We are geared to help and rescue who we can when we can! Click here to meet some of our animals, many who also travel to schools and events to help teach others!


  • Adoption – Animals are a lifetime commitment; it is imperative that you educate yourself and your family on the life span, activity level, housing and training expectations on any potential new pet. Animals are not and should never be an impulsive decision. We at Lucky Paws help with furry matchmaking as to not traumatize or confuse any animal in our care and to insure a perfect match for you, and them! If you are interested in adoption of one of our amazing animals, click here!