Looking to Volunteer!? We'd love to have you join us!

It is required that you take one of the volunteer orientations before you get started!

All orientations start at 10:30 am sharp! You should arrive about 15 minutes early to complete volunteer paperwork. The doors wll be locked at 10:30 am so please do not be late! We have filled our most recent orientation class however, check back in a couple of months for our next one! **If you are allergic to cats, rabbits or ferrets, please note that orientations are usually held inside the shelter which has free roaming cats and also houses rabbits and ferrets. If you are allergic, volunteering at Lucky Paws is not recommended as your health comes first!**

Volunteers are always appreciated! If you are under the age of 18 you MUST be accompanied by a parent and/or legal guardian. For safety and insurance reasons it is A MUST that there be ONE parent PER child, and children must be 8 years and older.

Volunteers should wear clothing that is okay to get dog and cat hair on, along with any mud or other messes from shelter duties, comfortable shoes should be worn (NO FLIP FLOPS OR HEELS) and sunscreen is always a good idea if you are assisting outdoors. Please note that volunteers must be able to lift a minimum of 30 lbs., be able to walk and jog, should be in good health and able to endure physical activity.

Lucky Paws is located right next to the canal and it is a favorite for the dogs to get walked! Our volunteers also help in cleaning the animals rooms, getting them water and of course, giving our animals lots of love and attention. Who knows, you may meet a new forever friend!

Volunteers are required to fill out a volunteer information sheet along with taking one orientation class before they can volunteer. (If you took a volunteer class at our old location, you will need to take a volunteer class here at our new location.) Children must attend and be able to comprehend the safety information and instructions given.

Volunteering is always scheduled ahead of time, please email us at LuckyPawsAnimal@gmail.com. Volunteers will need to email us for availability and will need to receive a confirmation email from Lucky Paws before stopping by to volunteer. To keep current on all animals, safety information and instructions, volunteers must volunteer at least once every sixty days.

Need to go through an orientation? Our orientation classes fill up fast! If you are a student, dont wait until the quarter ends to have a parent accompany you! Orientation classes are $30.00 per person and non-refundable; but don't forget, the orientation fee is tax deductible!

If you are interested in our cage free vision and are not able to meet to the in volunteering schedule and requirements, visit us during one of our open houses! If you are looking for personal tour, come during an open house; or if you are interested in a group tour for schools, girl scouts, corporations, etc., please contact us at LuckyPawsAnimal@gmail.com

Thank you!

Why Volunteer!?
Because you can make a difference in the lives of animals!

Here are just a few of the benefits of volunteering:

1. Be part of the solution. You'll join a network of hundreds of thousands of people working to make the world safe and more humane for all living creatures. You'll make the jobs of everyone working for animals a little easier by lending a hand and spreading the message of responsible pet ownership and animal protection.

2. Get warm fuzzies. You'll never find a more grateful and accepting comrade than an animal you've comforted.

3. Keep good company. You'll make lots of new friends—and not just the four-legged kind. Working side by side with people who share similar interests can forge lifelong friendships.

4. Meet the new you. You'll discover skills you never knew you had, and you may be surprised at what you're capable of achieving.

5. Gain a new career. You'll learn things that may lead you to the career—or career change—of your dreams. Employers and college admissions officers look favorably on time spent in volunteer service.

6. Enjoy a wagging tail, a purr, and a smile. Didn't someone once say that the best things in life are free?
(referenced from the Humane Society of the United States)

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