Lucky Paws Shelter is a non-profit facility, we rely solely on donations from animal lovers like you.
You help make this all possible!

Leave a Lasting Legacy.
Planning your gift to Lucky Paws will help us in our commitment to our mission as well as being able to continue teaching animal compassion to generations to come.

Monetary Gifts:
A cash gift may be made in the form of cash, check, money order, or credit card. They’re a quick, easy way to give a gift that provides an immediate income tax charitable deduction.

Donating by Check or Money Order;
Make Payable to "Lucky Paws"
PO Box 13241
Chandler, AZ 85248

Donate Securely Via PayPal.

A gift of appreciated stock or other securities offers an immediate income tax charitable deduction for the full market value, and is exempt from capital gains tax. The shelter’s policy is to liquidate securities upon receipt.

Life Insurance Policy Beneficiary Designation:
This is a gift in which all or a portion of your life insurance policy transfers to the society at the end of your lifetime. The gift is recognized as a donation once the shelter is named as a designated or contingent beneficiary, the policy becomes irrevocable, and the shelter receives evidence of the gift. Valuation of life insurance gifts may require the advice of outside financial and/or legal advisors upon acceptance.

Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designation:
This is a gift in which all or a portion of your retirement account’s unused balance transfers to the shelter at the end of your lifetime. The gift is recorded as a donation at the time it transfers to the shelter and it is not subject to income or estate taxes. Simply identify Lucky Paws as a designated or contingent beneficiary on your plan’s beneficiary form.

Bequests through Wills or Trusts:
A bequest is a gift of personal property that transfers to the shelter at the end of your lifetime through your will or trust. A charitable bequest is a special bequest with a charitable purpose that also reduces the estate taxes owed after your lifetime. A bequest is recognized as a donation at the time it becomes irrevocable. Here is sample language for your will or trust to share with your attorney: I hereby give to Lucky Paws Shelter (AZ), P.O. Box 13241, Chandler, AZ 85248, Federal Tax ID #45-2527080 all (the sum of $____) (____% of my residuary estate), to be used for its charitable purposes.

Transfer on Death (TOD) Accounts:
A TOD (also called Payable on Death, POD) account allows you to maintain complete control of your bank or brokerage accounts during your lifetime, and then immediately transfer the remaining balance of your accounts to Lucky Paws at the end of your lifetime. Contact your financial institution to request a TOD (or POD) account and identify Lucky Paws as the recipient.

Charitable Trusts & Annuities:
Gifts may also be given to the shelter in the form of charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts, and charitable gift annuities. Please contact your financial advisor or attorney for information or you may contact James R. Heinton of Heinton and Curry, PLLC at 602-254-9900 or

Vehicle Donations:
Vehicles may be donated to Lucky Paws by way of Able Heart. Please contact Able Heart at 800-597-1213 for more information.

Donation Receipts:
We are more than happy to provide a Thank You for Your Donation Letter for tax purposes. Just contact us for one!

For any additional information regarding donations or becoming a long term donor, please contact Kelly Perry at 480-941-4135.

Wish List:
Below list of items that Lucky Paws Shelter needs. This list is continually updated with our latest needs.

As one could imagine, the number of animals we rescue and care for means that many of these items fall into the category of “we couldn’t get enough!” because we have a continuous need for them. Cleaning products fall under this category, we sure love our animals but as you know, they know how to make a mess!

If you would like to donate an item from our wishlist, or have an item not on this list, but you think it would be useful to our organization, please contact us for more information. All contributions are very much appreciated!!

- Thank you

Daily Supply Needs:
» Costco Kirkland Signature Brand dry dog food (preferred)
» Wet pop-top canned dog food for small & large breeds
» Dog rawhide chews/bones/toys
» Costco Kirkland Signature Brand dry cat food (preferred)
» Wet pop-top canned cat food
» Scoopable Cat litter
» Bunny Food (pellets, alfalfa, or Timothy hay)
» Turtle Food
» Goat and Chicken Feed
» Disposable rubber/latex gloves
» Hand soap and dish soap
» Paper products (bathroom tissue, paper towels, Kleenex, etc.)
» Industrial mop buckets and disposable mop heads
» Liquid laundry detergent (HE – high efficient)
» Smell good items (Glade Plug-Ins, candles, incense, spray, etc.)
» ANY Cleaning supplies (Clorox Wipes, Windex, bleach, Fabuloso)
» Large 45+ gallon lawn Trash bags
» 33 gallon Trash bags
» Water (bottles of water for volunteers/dog-walkers)
» Gift cards for PETCO/Petsmart/Costco/Staples, etc.
» New or gently used (and washed) linens and large towels

Administrative & Equipment Needs:
» Brooms/large handle dust pans
» Water hose (50-100 ft. long)
» Garbage cans (rolling and non-rolling)
» Rubbermaid plastic bins

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