Buns - Female

Born: mid-2011
Pure white bunny who is litterbox trained!

Hopper - Male

Born: mid-2011
Pure white bunny who is litterbox trained!

Muscles - Female

(Not for adoption)
Desert Box Turtle who helps Lucky Paws teach local schools!

Thumper - Male

Born: mid-2011
Pure white bunny who is litterbox trained!


Make Sure Everyone In The House Is Prepared To Have A Pet!
Discuss everyone’s likes and dislikes and make sure everyone agrees on the new addition.

If you’re getting a pet for your children, don’t expect the kiddies to do all the work.
No matter how mature your child is, he will need constant supervision and help handling the responsibility of a new critter. Ultimately, the parent is responsible for the pet.

Make sure your family is ready for the changes a new pet will bring.
A furry friend brings love and adventure, but they also bring new household chores. Some critters may need a lot of attention and training, while some thrive on a daily schedule of feeding, grooming and play.

Teach your family and kids about pet parenting before you adopt.
Learn about pet care, and explain to your children that love and attanetion and cleaning a bunny's litter box or a bird's cage is part of the ongoing responsibility of caring for an animal.

Know that some animals and young children may not play well together.
Young children may unwittingly mishandle or hurt small animals, who are particularly vulnerable to being injured. Abd also that some baby animals may have needle-sharp nails and teeth that may hurt children.

Stock up on supplies, food and toys before you bring a pet home.
Make your critter feel welcome with all the comforts of home. The last thing you want is to rush to the store for a litter box or cage and hope that your new addition will patiently wait for your return!

Create a schedule to share responsibility for caring for your critter.
A schedule is a great way to get the family involved in your critter's care and ensure that no one forgets to feed them or change their bedding. It will also help foster relationships between your new friend and everyone in the house.

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